Saturday, Jun 8, 2019 – Saturday, Aug 17, 2019

10:00am – 6:00pm

The 2019 Rifle League this year will be a 11 week league. The league will be OPEN to both members and the public shooter.  Each week will consist of 10 shots at the particular distance. Shooters will be able to shoot 2 weeks ahead or behind the schedule. The advantage of this, shooters will be able to shoot 4 weeks of their league rounds with only one visit. Shooters must get target from the RSO and shoot in front of the RSO each week. Both shooter and RSO will sign target after shooting is completed.

We are going to change things up a bit. More for competition purposes than anything else. The majority of the league will again be shot at the 100 yard bay, however, each shooter will have to shoot at the 200 bay once. It will be up to the shooter when they would like to shoot their 200 yard score. Each weeks score will consist of 10 shoots with the highest possible score for the week being 100, (10 bulls eyes). 

The changes to league are as follows:
First 5 weeks of 100 yard bay – 10 minute time limit
Second 5 weeks 100 yard bay – 5 minute time limit
200 yard bay – 10 minute time limit

League starts on Saturday, June 8th and ends on Saturday,  August 17th.

$20 entry fee which includes your weekly target for members. Daily Fee plus $20 for the public shooter. 

Please call the clubhouse, contact the individual working the counter or email Jeff at jeff@del-tone-luth.com to register.

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